Medical Billing - An Introduction (001)
Medical Billing - An Introduction (001)
Medical insurance is financial protection against loss due to injury and or illness. It is a written policy between two parties; an insurance company and either an individual or sometimes a company. This course reviews the different types of...
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Understanding Health Insurance (002)
Understanding Health Insurance (002)
This course focuses on the basics of health insurance by introducing students to the differences between the common types of insurance plans for medical insurance. Private plans including commercial insurance are discussed. Workers' Compensation,...
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Coding and Modifiers for the Medical Biller (003)
Coding and Modifiers for the Medical Biller (003)
This course focuses on the building blocks of the language of medical coding; diagnosis codes (ICD-10-CM: International Classification of Diseases) procedure codes (CPT-4: Current Procedural Terminology), and the national HCPCS: (Healthcare...
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Life Cycle of the CMS-1500 Health Claim (004)
Life Cycle of the CMS-1500 Health Claim (004)
This course walks the student through the process of obtaining reimbursement for a provider’s services from the time the appointment is made until the services are paid in full. The CMS-1500 form is the standard claim form that most insurance...
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Understanding MEDICARE, Medicaid and TRICARE (005)
Understanding MEDICARE, Medicaid and TRICARE (005)
Medicare sets the billing standards for all insurance companies. Learn how Medicare providers and suppliers are reimbursed for the items and services that they furnish, as well as how Medicare determines the services that they will deny. This...
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Reading EOBs, Working Denials, and Filing Appeals (006)
Reading EOBs, Working Denials, and Filing Appeals (006)
One of the most important functions of a medical billing professional is to learn how to read Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and work the claims denial process (when an insurance claim has been submitted to the medical insurance company and the...
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HIPAA and other Federal Regulations for the Medical Biller (007)
HIPAA and other Federal Regulations for the Medical Biller (007)
This course focuses on HIPAA standards designed to protect the security and confidentiality of electronic health information, including medical records and medical bills. Relevant HIPAA terminology is presented as well as a review of the forms...
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Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist Certification (CERT01)
Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist Certification (CERT01)
The C.H.R.S. Exam is an open book/resource exam comprised of 300 questions. These questions all relate to the medical billing process. Questions in this exam include such topics as types of insurance plans, Medicare Part A and B, payments and...
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Certified HIPAA Information Specialist Certification (CERT02)
Certified HIPAA Information Specialist Certification (CERT02)
The C.H.I.S. Exam is comprised of 150 questions. This exam assumes that you already have a good understanding of medical billing and/or have experience in the medical billing field. You will be allowed two attempts to complete the exam. There is...
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