Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist Certification (CERT01)

Medical Billing Certification


The C.H.R.S. Exam is an open book/resource exam comprised of 300 questions. These questions all relate to the medical billing process. Questions in this exam include such topics as types of insurance plans, Medicare Part A and B, payments and adjustments, fraud and abuse, Coordination of Benefits, provider types, CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes, federal regulations such as HIPAA, Usual and Customary, allowable charges, EHR, assignment of benefits, Medicare eligibility, E&M coding, general medical billing acronyms and so much more. This exam assumes that the student already has a good understanding of medical billing and/or have experience in the medical billing field. Each student is allowed two attempts to complete this exam. There is a live chat button on the bottom left side of your screen. You may message us for help during your exam. You will not be able to print or skip ahead in the exam. Once a question is answered you cannot go back and change your answer. Make sure you take your time and research any question you may not be clear about. You may utilize any books or website materials to answer questions. You will have 90 days from the date of your enrollment to complete. Receive a six month PMRNC membership with the purchase of the C.H.R.S. Or Purchase both the C.H.R.S. and C.H.I.S. together and receive a one year PMRNC membership.


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